Wild west and wizards is an upcoming open world rpg set in the new frontier about exploration and adventure. explore the wild west with guns, magic, or both. Face off against bandit gangs and dangerous wildlife, discover towns and settlements, level up your character and earn new loot, and discover mysterious places scattered across the desert. Wild west and wizards is currently in development for pc.



Magic in The West

One of the features that makes wild west and wizards unique is the ability to learn and use various spells in a western setting. equip a revolver in one hand and a fire spell in the other. Cast a healing spell or give yourself a buff before battle. The choice is yours.

Boss Chamber.PNG

Secrets to Discover

Spread across the world are various mysterious and secret places filled with dangerous enemies, and of course, epic loot.

Town Screenshot.PNG

Visit Settlements

Discover towns and settlements filled with people, quests, and unique items to buy.

planned features

We are currently working on a lot of features for the game including quests, dialogue, traveling systems, combat, leveling and experience, talents and skills, and more. keep an eye on our development blog for updates on what we’re working on and what we have planned for the future. Please remember that these are subject to change and content you see currently may look different in the final version.